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IKEA’s Global Strategy Essay

Swedish organization IKEA was the world’s biggest furniture retailer since the mid 1990s. It sold economical furniture of Scandinavian structure. The organization worked in 55 nations with a workforce of 76,000 (the organization alluded to its workforce as its ‘co-workers’). IKEA offered about 12,000 things to the home decorations advertise around the world. It sold a wide scope of items including furniture, adornments, washrooms and kitchens at 186 retail locations in 30 nations across Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Australia. IKEA delighted in high brand value. | In 2003, Manhattan US-based Interbrand, an advertising exploration and consultancy firm, esteemed the ‘IKEA’ brand at $6.92 billion and positioned IKEA 43rd on its rundown of the main 100 most significant worldwide brands, in front of Nestle, Harley-Davidson, and Apple.3 | Analysts ascribed IKEA’s accomplishment to its ability in consolidating great item plan and unrivaled quality with a reasonable cost. IKEA’s low-valuing technique was focused on youngsters. For quite a few years, IKEA had searched for worldwide markets, which were socially as close as conceivable to the Scandinavian market. The essential suspicion behind IKEA’s worldwide procedure was ‘one-plan suits-all.’ Anders Dahlvig, the CEO of IKEA, had once stated, â€Å"Whether we are in China, Russia, Manhattan, or London, individuals purchase very similar things. We don’t adjust to neighborhood markets.†| IKEA had, truth be told, been very effective with its ‘one-plan suits-all’ worldwide extension system in numerous business sectors. Be that as it may, industry specialists were far fetched with regards to whether this technique would make an interpretation of well into new, socially different and more dangerous markets. They felt that a further extent of limitation was fundamental for organizations like IKEA to be fruitful in different markets. The Asian markets, along with the Middle East and Australia, represented just 4% of IKEA’s all out incomes in 2004. The organization was quick to build this offer later on. Upon passage into the far eastern markets, IKEA confronted various difficulties as far as changed social, segment and market explicit needs.| | IKEA opened its first store in China in 1998. Although the company’s worldwide system had functioned admirably in the past in the vast majority of the business sectors it had entered, it rapidly discovered that accomplishment in the Chinese market required an alternate methodology in the territories of Marketing and HR. | IKEA likewise needed to modify two of the most significant parts of now is the right time verified worldwide methodology when it came to China; while somewhere else on the planet, IKEA had consistently found its stores in more affordable regions and sold its furniture on the do-it-without anyone's help (DIY) rule, these components must be changed in China. IKEA asserted that it had decentralized the majority of its capacities including HR and stores the executives in China, however regardless of this, there was analysis that IKEA was extremely bureaucratic with a significant number of its activities being all inclusive controlled and arranged. Remarking on this, Ian Duffy, IKEA’s China retail administrator remarked, â€Å"We need time to learn and change in the (Chinese) market to turn into a success.†| IKEA ought to have numerous advancements to adjust to the China showcase. â€Å"At IKEA our vision is to make a superior regular day to day existence for the numerous individuals. Our business thought underpins this vision by offering a wide scope of all around planned, utilitarian home outfitting items at costs so low that whatever number individuals as could reasonably be expected will have the option to bear the cost of them.†(Our vision and business thought, It appears not accomplished in China advertise yet. Right off the bat, IKEA ought to have more noteworthy participation with nearby providers to get increasingly upper hand of cost initiative. Furthermore, as per the claim to fame of China showcase, IKEA ought to have some greater change in accordance with fulfill such a large number of China critical clients. Thirdly, IKEA ought to strengthen promulgation work to allow more clients to comprehend and oblige the IKEA model. As an outcomer, there is far to be the champ in this tremendous and potential market.After quite a while to investigate the China showcase, IKEA as of now comprehend the China advertise more than previously. With quickening the speed of grow, the accomplishment of IKEA in China advertise is just the issue of time.

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Learn How to Write a Dissertation

Learn How to Write a DissertationIf you want to write a dissertation, there are many different things that you will need to consider. First, you will need to determine how much time you have and how much money you have to spend. Once you know these two numbers, you can start looking into the different options that are available. The next step is to learn how to write a dissertation.Writing a dissertation does not have to be difficult. Even if you do not have enough time or money to hire a professional, you can still write your own dissertation. If you learn the different tools that are available to you, then you can save yourself from having to find someone to help you write your dissertation.You will need to do some research on your topic. The first thing that you should do is find out what types of education you need to go through in order to write a dissertation. You will need to learn a lot about the field that you are going to be writing your dissertation in before you begin wri ting it. This will allow you to be successful at your writing project.The next thing that you will need to do is get all of your writing down on paper. This will make it easier for you to focus on the writing that you need to do. It will also make it easier for you to see the ideas that you need to have come to you. When you find the ideas that you need to write, you will need to work them into the dissertation that you write.In order to make your writing as effective as possible, you will need to give your writing a certain amount of space. This will allow you to write within the limits of the required time that you have. You will also need to include all of the necessary information so that you do not leave anything out.One important part of writing a dissertation is grammar. There are many different styles of writing that you can use. You will need to work with the style that you choose in order to be able to write a thesis that is understandable by your audience.As long as you h ave followed the steps above and you have had some experience with writing, you will be able to come up with a good dissertation. Even if you are using a professional to help you write your dissertation, you will still need to practice. For you to be able to read other people's work, you will need to write as you normally would.Writing a dissertation is not that hard. You will be able to make your writing as effective as possible with the right tools and techniques. You can be successful with your writing once you know how to write a dissertation. Once you have used these tools, you will not have any problems in getting your dissertation written.

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Radio Frequency Identification for RFID Technology-myassignmenthelp

Question: Talk about theRadio Frequency Identification for RFID Technology. Answer: Presentation RFID or radio recurrence distinguishing proof is a cutting edge innovation that consolidates electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in radio recurrence parcel having a place with the electromagnetic range for interesting recognizable proof of articles, creatures or individuals. Associations are embracing this innovation instead of standardized tags (Rajaraman, 2017). This report talks about the working instrument of RFID. It calls attention to the different classes of RFID labels. It discusses the business just as specialized issues that are fathomed by utilizing RFID innovation. This report depicts the usage of RFID in one association and it additionally presents the utilization of RFID in different commercial centers. Working of RFID Technology RFID innovation uses radio recurrence to distinguish objects, gathering data about the items and entering the subtleties in the framework by a mechanized procedure. The three fundamental segments of RFID innovation are the RFID tag, RID peruser and reception apparatus. A RFID label comprises of a radio wire just as a coordinated circuit (Hutter Schmidt, 2013). These are utilized to transmit information to RFID peruser. The RFID peruser changes over radio waves into usable information. The RFID labels can be initiated by radio signs. The information that is gathered from the RFID tag is then moved to a host framework by utilizing a correspondence interface. The information is put away in the database of the framework for additional investigation. The job of RFID tag is to convey information and it contains a recieving wire alongside smaller scale chip. The peruser can likewise be alluded as questioner. Kinds of RFID Latent RFID: This kind of tag doesn't contain battery. Here the vitality is moved from peruser by means of radio recurrence. The intensity of the tag is accessible just inside the field of the peruser. It scope of correspondence is short in this kind of tag (Rajaraman, 2017). It has a constrained range in light of the fact that the radio wave is reflected from tag to the peruser. It can peruse just as move sensor esteem when the tag is controlled by the peruser. Semi-inactive RFID: This RFID tag joins the primary highlights of the dynamic tag. It comprises of a force source like battery to control the chip. This vitality that is caught can be utilized to backscatter. The correspondence or read go is more than that of inactive labels. Dynamic RFID: This label comprises of battery or force source. Label power is accessible consistently. It has got high sign quality from the RFID tag to the peruser. The scope of correspondence is 100 meter or more. Dynamic labels are for the most part utilized in enormous items. Its information transfer speed is higher than the data transfer capacity of inactive labels. Business and Technical Problems tackled by utilizing RFID Technology RFID innovation has assumed a noteworthy job in understanding the issue of item, human and creature following. Resources that are available in distribution centers can be followed in an improved way. The procedure of stock administration has improved by connecting RFID labels to the merchandise that are available in the plant (Fan et al., 2014). This innovation has helped in taking care of the issue of over stocking just as under stocking of merchandise. It has encouraged in giving security to the stocks and controlling the stock quality. RFID labels can be utilized for robotizing the procedure of cost charge installments by connecting the labels to the vehicles (Kalantri et al., 2014). Viable creature observing is made conceivable by using RFID labels. It goes about as a huge device for following the developments of the creatures and deciding their attributes. RFID innovation has improved ranch the executives in a successful way. Missing merchandise and items can be followed by util izing RFID innovation (Shin Eksioglu, 2014). RFID innovation is answerable for creating exact outcomes as it doesn't include human mediations. RFID labels have had the option to improve hierarchical proficiency. Standardized identification and RFID Standardized identification RFID Standardized identification has a lot of information that can be examined and changed over to numeric codes. It requires view. It doesn't require view. RFID tag uses radio waves for following just as distinguishing products. The read run changes from crawls to feet. Aloof RFID can peruse up to 30 feet and dynamic RFID can peruse up to 100 feet. Scanner tags can distinguish one sort of thing. It has the ability to recognize each thing. Optical laser innovation is utilized. Radio recurrence innovation is utilized. Human mediation is required for filtering scanner tags. Scanners are fixed and it doesn't require human work. It can't be refreshed. New information can be refreshed. Harmed labels won't work. Consequently it is less solid. It has high unwavering quality. Table 1: Comparison among Barcode and RFID (Source: Lotlikar et al., 2013, p. 821) RFID and QR code QR Code RFID This innovation requires view. Line of site isn't required. Peruse run is from creeps to feet. The read run is significantly more than the read scope of QR code. Human mediation is required. No human mediation is required. Information can't be refreshed. It must be perused. Information can be refreshed. 30 % information can be recuperated from harmed labels. It is less dependable than RFID. It has high dependability. Table 2: Comparison between QR code and RFID (Source: Lotlikar et al., 2013, p. 821) RFID Limitations Security: RFID labels are helpless to security dangers and assaults. Assailants can increase unapproved access to and adjust the data on the RFID labels. There can be different assaults like infection and side channel assaults. Solid safety efforts like encryption of the information in the labels can beat this confinement. Impact: Signal crash can occur while filtering a few RFID labels simultaneously. Utilization of hostile to impact calculations will forestall this issue. Cost: The expense of RFID innovation is substantially more than that of QR codes and scanner tags (Lehpamer, 2012). Associations acquire tremendous expense in setting up this innovation. Inactive labels are more affordable than dynamic and semi dynamic labels. Complex structure: The establishment strategy of RFID innovation is one of a kind. RFID innovation has peruser and tag. It has a mind boggling plan and working component. Execution of RFID in Walmart Walmart has actualized RFID innovation in the year 2003 for improving its gracefully chain activities. At first it had utilized RFID for following beds of the product present in its gracefully chain and stockrooms. Walmart can follow the development of its items in a precise way by conveying RFID innovation. It utilizes RF labels for keeping a record of the racked stocks. RFID labels can give ongoing data about the store racks. RFID innovation has had the option to decrease the designer cost of Walmart (Shin Eksioglu, 2015). Execution of RFID has improved the flexibly chain proficiency of Walmart. Walmart had the option to decrease its unavailable level by 16 percent and lessen abundance stock. Walmart was additionally ready to accomplish operational enhancements and WIP information the executives. Utilization of RFID in Market Places Retail RFID labels can be appended to the items in the retail location. It will assist the store with preventing any shoplifters to remove any item without installment and improve the security level of the stores. It will empower the representatives to find the items and record the amount (De Marco et al, 2012). RFID labels are executed in retail industry for mechanizing the stock following procedure and improving the operational proficiency of the retail locations. Banking Banking segment has accomplished significant level of information exactness by actualizing RFID innovation. It has improved the degree of client support and rearranged the installment methodology. RFID labels will assist the saves money with keeping track of workstations and different resources (Zhu, Mukhopadhyay Kurata, 2012). Information security of the banks can be improved by actualizing RFID innovation. Social insurance Industry The Healthcare business can monitor physician endorsed sedates based on expiry date and numerous other significant subtleties like parcel number (Manzoor, 2016). Persistent wellbeing can be upgraded by utilizing RFID innovation. RFID groups can be examined for getting exact insights concerning the patient. SCM RFID innovation has had the option to improve the precision just as practicality of the stock information. It has diminished the stock expense of the associations (Fosso Wamba, 2012). RFID labels have upgraded the effectiveness of flexibly chain the executives by precise observing of the developments of merchandise and items all through the gracefully chain. It has disentangled the technique of benefit following by utilizing radio recurrence. End It very well may be finished up from this report RFID innovation can be executed in different ventures like medicinal services, banking and retail for improving operational productivity and security measures. This report said that RFID is more dependable than standardized tag and QR code. It additionally talked about specific impediments like security issues and significant expense of RFID labels. This report clarified how the RFID functions. It likewise clarified scarcely any business and specialized issues like resource following issue that can be comprehended by RFID innovation. References De Marco, A., Cagliano, A. C., Nervo, M. L., Rafele, C. (2012). Utilizing System Dynamics to survey the effect of RFID innovation on retail operations.International diary of creation economics,135(1), 333-344. Fan, T. J., Chang, X. Y., Gu, C. H., Yi, J. J., Deng, S. (2014). Advantages of RFID innovation for decreasing stock shrinkage.International Journal of Production Economics,147, 659-665. Fosso Wamba, S. (2012). Accomplishing gracefully chain reconciliation utilizing RFID innovation: the instance of developing astute B-to-B web based business forms in a living laboratory.Business Process Management Journ

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Change Continuity in Contemporary Business - Free Essay Example

Change Continuity in Contemporary Business Executive Summary The Global Business arena is a vast area. Since of late many competitors are taking the stage. At the same time many have left the arena defeated. This arena has a landscape which keeps changing constantly. Since the beginning of the 21st century the landscape has begun to shift evermore rapidly causing competitors to fall victim. Some recover and keep fighting for markets, while others leave the arena for good. This report discusses in brief the new trends emerging in the global business arena as well as new trends in politics and economic sectors. Successfully adapting to changes are the key for an organizations success in global market competition. This report also discusses in brief the implications the new trends in Sri Lanka and how it would impact the country and what steps should be taken to ensure the nation will face global competition for investors successfully. Table of Contents Acknowledgement Executive Summary Introduction 1.The Economic and Po litical Trends Emerging as a Result of Changes in the Business Environment. Competing for Customers of Diverse Income Levels. Adapting to differing regulatory environments, practices and other laws Focusing on the emerging regions for skilled labour and growing consumer markets. The technological advantages for newly starting businesses. 2.Implications of the new trends for Sri Lanka Conclusion References Books Websites Introduction The global business landscape has started to shift rapidly since the beginning of the technological revolution. The technological revolution has caused large companies to close their doors and allowed smaller companies to grow at an extremely fast rate. This phenomenon is a side effect of globalization. New trends in economies, politics and business keep surfacing daily. The task of a businessman in the current era is to keep up with the changes or face bankruptcy. The competition has become fierce, and on top of this, the consumers have become more demanding. This is due to a simple fact. At present the consumers have many other alternatives to get what they require. In other words technology has not only made business easier but has made the task of competing challenging. This report discusses some of the changes in the business landscape and some new trends which are emerging in the economic and political sectors. 1. The Economic and Political Trends Emerging as a Result of Changes in the Business Environment. The article, which is adapted from à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Urban World: The shifting global business landscapeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  by the McKinsey Global Institute, indicates changes to the business environment. Out of the said changes a few critical changes are mentioned below. Competing for customers of diverse income levels. Adapting to differing regulatory environments, practices and other laws of the country which the business operates in. Focusing on the emerging regions for skilled labour and growing consumer markets. The technological advantages for newly starting businesses. Competing for Customers of Diverse Income Levels. New organizations which are emerging around the globe at an ever increasing rate mainly focus their attention to their local markets and similar markets. Since the new organizations start-up from emerging or developing countries such as India and Brazil, they tend to focus their marketing strengths towards similar or less developed countries. In some cases a multinational giant will have to compete with an emerging company of the developing world. For example, in the motor bicycle market segment, a well-established multinational organization such as Yamaha, has to compete with Bajaj which is a manufacturer based in India. In this case Bajaj has captured the major market share due to its low cost products. Some companies have the ability to cater to consumers who have diverse income levels. Huawei, a Chinese telecommunication giant, manufactures mobile phones for individuals who have a low monthly income to individuals who have a substantial monthly income. This ability has given organizations such as Huawei to gain a global market share in the mobile handset sector. Although it may not have a large market share or technological development such as Sony mobiles, it is posing a threat to the Japanese technological giant in terms of cost. Basically organizations established in emerging markets are becoming threats to larger multinationals. Adapting to differing regulatory environments, practices and other laws Many countries and states have regulations which are more and more focused on sustaining the earthà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s natural resources. Most nations have environmental regulations as such the manufacturers products have to go through vigorous testing prior to selling. (E.G. Automobiles, Electronic devices, perfumes etc.) An organization which is willing to compete in the global arena should be able to adapt to a majority of regulations. In a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, it has been noted that organizations which started from developing countries or emerging global markets have the tendency to adapt quickly to the majority of regulations and enter foreign markets than the more established multinational organizations. In his book, à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"The World is flatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ Thomas Friedman states that the worldà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s economic playing field is à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"leveling outà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ and a more individualistic competition is more likely i n the future. In this perspective, it is not a surprise that organizations from developing nations which are smaller in scale, tend to grow quicker than the large multinational companies. Focusing on the emerging regions for skilled labour and growing consumer markets. Emerging regions are also referred to as the developing nations. The 21st century has seen the boom in the emerging regions in business as well as skilled labour. Tata group was an automobile manufacturer in India, they mainly restricted sales to the local market and neighboring countries in South Asian region. At present they are the largest private sector industrial employer in the United Kingdom. Many IT organizations are recruiting employees or opening up R D offices in emerging regions such as India, China and Brazil. Many automobile manufacturers have decided to exploit the labour resources of India and China and built manufacturing plants which employs thousands of locals. The technological advantages for newly starting businesses. Technology has been growing in leaps and bounds since the beginning of the 21st century. In the business sector almost all processes have at least one stage which there is an involvement of a computer. It is the same in the manufacturing sector, where in the past there was a substantial involvement humans. At present the human factor has been greatly reduced, sometimes replaced by machines and robots. If an individual wishes to start a business, he or she will find the process easier than it was in the past. Businesses today do not require complicated and outdated computer installations and other software. Everything could be handled by a PC, which reduces the start-up time of a business significantly. With the technological development, it has been easier to communicate with clients and business partners across the globe. Finalizing business deals is possible regardless where the client and marketer are located. After analyzing the above mentioned trends, it is compelling evide nce to prove the theory that the business world playing field is levelling out, in which case, Thomas Friedmanà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s theory is in action. If this theory continues, it is evident that multinationals will no longer be representing a country or region, it will be individuals that would be representing a country or region in business. In 10 years it is quite possible to see small startup businesses progressing rapidly and conducting business in a larger scale than the current multinational organizations. However if Thomas Friedmanà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s theory prevails, multinational organizations will be an obsolete concept in business, due to the fact that individuals also have an equal opportunity in competing in the global market place. Friedmanà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s 10 flatteners allow the more individualistic approach. He also mentions of a system in which the average employee should update their skills as updating software of an electronic device. Evermore increasingly g overnments are forming alliances with neighboring nations to improve economies. These groups are known as trade blocks. The primary objective of this is to improve the economy and create more job opportunities for the citizens. Political agreements such as using a common currency is one method to improve a regionà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s economy. The EU is currently discussing a program which will see all of the countries in the union to be governed by a single government rather than individual governments. This will help the EU to integrate resources and skills making it a stronger global economy. 2. Implications of the new trends for Sri Lanka The observed trends in the business sector can be implemented in Sri Lanka, in order to reap the benefits from FDIà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s. At present it is crucial for the government of Sri Lanka to take steps to improve exports to support the development of the country. The government should get in to agreements which favour the country. The regime change in India shows a positive effect for Sri Lanka and the government and economists are expecting more friendly and beneficial trade agreements from the incumbent government. The government should encourage more exports. Although it is suggested by economists the government has not brought a policy which favours exports. The government should also encourage planters to get more from their plantations. At present Sri Lanka is the largest tea exporter. Although it is clear that China is catching up gradually. If the government does not act on this issue, Sri Lanka could lose its place. Sri Lanka is the 4th largest Tea producer in the w orld, with China at the top of the list. The Sri Lankan government should also allow exports of goods which are requested by foreign countries. For example, the Sri Lanka Tea Board will not allow the export of low grade teas. The fact that the officials should know is that while Sri Lanka is not providing such teas, other nations are providing and gradually gaining the market. It is known fact that there is a market for the low grade teas as well as the high graded teas. Catering to only high grades is less profitable although the value is much higher. As mentioned above, the government should encourage private institutions to cater to consumers of various income levels. If the country does not move adapt to the changes happening globally the industry and economy could collapse. Identifying markets and penetrating the markets with local products is beneficial for the entire country. In order to compete in the new age of business, the government should amend its export policies. In terms of infrastructure Sri Lanka is heading the correct direction. Improving infrastructure is the first step to attracting foreign investors. The port city project which is currently underway is a large undertaking by 4 Chinese firms which earn the government approximately Rs. 8 million per perch from the land reclaimed from the Sea. This will also improve the business sector of the country as the port city is designed to become a business hub in the Indian Ocean. Project like the Port City is a large step towards attracting larger multinational or global business firms to invest in the Sri Lankan market. The government should also adapt a policy where importing should be regulated and a policy should be implemented that locally manufactured products should match the product quality of the imported item. This policy would help the growth of local industry as well as restrict unwanted expenses in exports. This will allow the products manufactured locally to be more competit ive in the international market since the quality is almost the same as imports to the country. The governments should provide assistance to organizations which are seeking to enter foreign markets. Diplomatic ties should be used to promote trade as well as educate the local manufacturer of the regulations and laws of the particular country. This will help the local manufacturers to adapt to regulatory bodies of all countries and will be able compete successfully against foreign competitors. The government should also utilize the population to attract foreign investors. The government should encourage the workforce to update their skills in order to successfully retain their employment and improve in their personal careers. The government should also implement a policy where youths are to be trained in the latest form of technology and enable the youth to gain knowledge of the career path of their choice. Since organizations are focusing on regions with skilled labour, it would b e appropriate to implement the policies mentioned. Technology is growing increasingly every moment. The government should use the latest technology available to provide a better service to the people. The government should implement computerized systems to all government offices in order to make these offices efficient. Providing technology at a low rate to small businesses will help the business to grow. Growing small businesses leads to a growing economy. This could result in some Sri Lankan firms entering the prestigious Forbes 500 list. Conclusion The global business field is an entity which has seen many revolutionary changes. It has been growing rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century. New business techniques, economic and political trends keep emerging. An organization which fails to keep up with these is bound to fail and drop out of the market. The article from McKinsey Global Institute states several emerging trends. The most prominent trends were discussed above and the implications of these trends in Sri Lanka were discussed in comparison with some current development project which are underway. In conclusion it could be said that the Sri Lankan government has not implemented policies which will help the country perform well globally as well as the industries in Sri Lanka. In the researches point of view Sri Lanka has the potential to grow as a nation and as a business hub in the South Asian region. References Books Thomas L. Friedman, 2007. The World Is Flat 3.0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. Updated and Expanded Edition Edition. Picador. C.K. Prahalad, 2006. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits. 1 Edition. Wharton School Publishing. Joseph E. Stiglitz, 2007. Making Globalization Work. Reprint Edition. W. W. Norton Company Websites Sri Lanka reclamation to expand capital city. 2014. Sri Lanka reclamation to expand capital city. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 August 2014]. Sri Lanka: Construction of Sri Lankas port city to begin later this year. 2014. Sri Lanka : Construction of Sri Lankas port city to begin later this year. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 August 2014]. Historic artificial island project begins | Daily News Online : Sri Lankas National News. 2014. Historic artificial island project begins | Daily News Online : Sri Lankas National News. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 August 2014]. Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries in the World Top Ten. 2014. Top 10 Tea Exporting Countries in the World Top Ten. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 August 2014]. TED Case Study: Ceylon Tea. 2014. TED Case Study: Ceylon Tea. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 August 2014]. BBC News | BUSINESS | Sri Lanka tops tea sales. 2014. BBC News | BUSINESS | Sri Lanka tops tea sales. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 August 2014]. BABM 08

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Portfolio Strategy Assignment Essay - 1778 Words

This paper presents a revised portfolio strategy for Delta Airlines, Inc. as result of a large cash infusion it recently has received in the amount of $700 million. Delta Airlines, Inc. provides schedule air transportation for passengers and cargo throughout the United States and around the world. Delta Airlines has a global route network giving is a presence in every major domestic and international market including airports in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York City, Paris, Salt Lake City, and Tokyo. Delta Airlines, Inc. is incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware with principal executive offices located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company currently has a capital base of†¦show more content†¦If the market prices are available, the investment is values and reported subsequent to acquisition using the fair value method. When the investor has an interest for 20% to 50% ownership, it is presumed that the investor exercises significant influence over the operating and financial policies of the investee. The FASB lists other factors to determine whether an investor can exercise significant influence over an investee. If significant influence is found to exist, the investor is required to account for the investment using the equity method. When one corporation (the parent) acquires a voting interest in more than 50% in another corporation (the subsidiary), the investor corporation is deemed to have a controlling in terest. When the parent corporation treats the subsidiary corporation as an investment, consolidated financial statements are generally prepared. Proposed Investment Portfolio In developing a plan to maximize shareholder wealth, Delta Airlines, Inc. wants to invest the large cash infusion of $700 million into various investment vehicles that will yield large returns on investment,Show MoreRelatedBus 599 Assignment 3 : Operation, Technology, and Management Plan1535 Words   |  7 PagesBUS 599 Assignment 3 : Operation, Technology, and Management Plan To Buy this Class Copy paste below link in your Brower Or Visit Our Website Visit : Email Us : BUS 599 Assignment 3 : Operation, Technology, and Management Plan Assignment 3 Part 1: Operation, Technology, and Management Plan Due Week 8 and worthRead MoreLe Petit Chef1265 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Assignment 3 Le Petit Chef Handing in your assignment This assignment regarding the Le Petit Chef case should be delivered through the Assignment Section on Blackboard before Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 12.00 hours (noon). Be aware that this is an individual assignment and plagiarism will be punished: Every individual student is required to hand in his/her own unique work. Please upload your answer to this assignment as a Word document. If you have any problems or questions about this assignmentRead MoreMy Writing : The Reflective Essay Essay1666 Words   |  7 Pagesthe writing assignments are reflections, journals, essays, and research papers. Working as a teacher aide in the preschool classroom, most of my writings are reports, observation, notes, and curriculum planning. At the beginning of the Academic Writing Seminar (AWS 100) when I wrote my first essay assignment, and I found out that writing essays in English were not easy. At the end of the semester, I realize I have learned valuable lessons while working seriously to write assignments for the AWS 100Read MoreUtilizing Effective Monitoring Strategies in the Classroom1551 Words   |  7 PagesUtilizing Effective Monitoring Strategies in the Classroom The American heritage dictionary describes monitoring as scrutinizing or checking systematically with a view to collecting certain specified categories of data (Cotton, 1988). Another definition for monitoring that is more closely related to the field of education is, â€Å"activities pursued by the teacher to keep track of student learning for purposes of making instructional decisions and providing feedback to students on their progress†(CottonRead MoreThe Reflective Essay My Writing Essay1598 Words   |  7 Pagestypes of class assignments such as reflections, journals, essays, and research papers. As a teacher aide in the preschool classroom, and most of my writings are reports, observation, notes, and curriculum planning. At the beginning of the Academic Writing Seminar (AWS 100) when I wrote my first essay assignment, and I found out that writing essays in English was not easy. At the end of the semester, I realize I have learned valuable lessons while working seriously to write assignments from the AWSRead MoreEssay Strategic Operations1447 Words   |  6 PagesOPERATIONS   STRATEGY       Instructor:   Gad   Allon       Contact:    g- ­Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬â€˜             Class    1    Description    Framework   for   operations   strategy    Tailoring   operations   strategy    Investor/External   view   of    operations:       - Operations   Forensics    - Linking   to   Financials   (ROIC   tree)    Asset   strategy,   operational   hedging    and   risk   mgmt.    Sourcing   strategy:    Global   networks   and   offshoring    Strategic   sourcing   and   supplier    relations    ReadingRead MoreThe Importance Of Being A Self Directed By Jeff Cobb938 Words   |  4 PagesThere are many aspects to being a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, and active learner. From our reading assignments it has become plain that the most important aspect is taking initiative. This means being someone who doesn t have to be told to learn this or that, but will take the first steps down the road of learning. Taking the initiative to learn is core to every other aspect, whether we ta lk about the 15 Ways of the Successful Self-Directed Learner by Jeff Cobb, or come up with our ownRead MorePine Street Capital Case828 Words   |  4 PagesCapital | | | FINA5290 Derivatives Analysiss Individual Assignment 1. What is a hedge fund? How do hedge funds differ from mutual funds? Hedge funds are investment vehicles that explicitly pursue absolute returns on their underlying investments. Hedge Fund incorporate to any absolute return fund investing within the financial markets (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, derivatives, etc) and/or applying non-traditional portfolio management techniques including, but not restricted to, shortingRead MoreEssay about proj 5871717 Words   |  7 PagesAssignment: Due Week 5 This is a two part assignment. Part 1 First, develop project selection criteria and a high level process for applying the criteria and managing the portfolio. The criteria should be consistent with the business environment for the industry, consistent with your companys overall mission/strategies, and consistent with the mission and strategies of your strategic business unit. You are proposing a process, not individual projects. The deliverable for Part 1 is a writtenRead MoreWhy Do We Use Portfolios As An Assessment?1693 Words   |  7 Pages Why do we use portfolios as an assessment ? Student assessment portfolios promote positive student involvement. As students create their portfolios, they are actively involved in and reflecting on their own learning. This means that the teacher can individualize instruction for the student. Portfolios are a form of alternative/authentic assessment in which a student s progress is measured over a period of time in various language learning contexts. Portfolios can include evidence of specific

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

Question: Discuss about the Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Answer: Introduction: Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is described as a rare disorder which is autosomal dominant. It can occur in any individual with the traits coming from both mother and father. In this disorder, the patient suffers from symptoms of heterotropic ossification which results in the formation of bones in the subject muscles and also in the connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. These result in prevention of smooth movements and inability to move properly (1). Along with the occurrence of heterotropic ossification, the patient also suffers from congenital malformation of his big toes. Statistical analysis has shown the presence of such disorder in 2 of a million individuals at births. Researchers are of the opinion that phenotype of this disorder is mainly linked with the markers present at the chromosome number 4. They say that disorder is mainly the reason of a particular kind of gene mutation which in turn result in the over expression of a particular type of protein called the bone morphogenetic protein other researchers have shed more light on the real genetic science behind the cause of the disease. They say that FOP can have a linkage with the chromosomal region of 2q2324. They have suggested that recurrent mutation in the particular gene that encodes the activin. A receptor called the type 1 or ACRV1 is the BMP type 1 receptor that mainly acts as the contributing factor for the disorder. BMP signalling, by acting on tetrameroc receptor complex provides signal through . this causes mesenchymal stem cell differentiation by converging at Runx2 transcription factors that prmote osteoblast differentiation and hence results in bone formation. This gene called AC RV1 is also called the activin like kinase 2 or the ALK 2 and its identification have given a huge expectation to the scientists in order to create a successful therapeutic strategy for the prevention of the disease. Moreover it would also help in early identification of the disorder as it acts as a reliable confirmatory diagnosis before the onset of any appearance of ectopic ossification. Moreover, ample researchers have been conducted which have proved that congenital great toe malformation along with the progressive swelling of different soft tissues in the body can clearly act as symptoms for genetic testing and consultation (2). Proper identification of the disorder in the primary stages can thereby inhibit the application of unnecessary therapeutic interventions which instead of curing the disorder may result in permanent damage. Moreover, correct identification of genes and their mutation resulting in such disorder and also of the various symptoms that it shows, scientists ar e now interested in development of different therapeutic agents that will tend to block the overactive behaviour of the ACVR1/ALK2 signalling (3). They are therefore very much hopeful that the therapies will help to prevent the progression of the disease. The next important thing that needs to be discussed herein is the contributing factors that result in the occurrence of such type of mutations in the genetic constitution. Both genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the occurrence of different symptoms that associate with the disorder. Different genetic determinants have been responsible for influencing the phenotype of the child mainly during the prenatal development. On the other hand, different environmental factors have been seen to influence the phenotype of child in the post natal development mainly during the progression of heterotrophic ossification. This can be very well established from the experiments that were conducted in the three pairs of monozygotic twins. It was observed in each pair of twins that malformation of the congenital toe in both the individuals in each pair was highly identical. However it also showed that when they were differentially exposed to different environments, both the individual o f each pair showed different progression to postnatal heterotropic ossification. Researchers noted that the later varied greatly due to different life history and also to different limits of environmental exposure like various soft tissue traumas and also due to different exposure to viral illnesses (4). Therapeutic treatments are still under research which aims to prevent the occurrence of the symptoms at the genetic level. However, in the present situation there is no such treatment for this disorder because researchers have not been able to establish the effectiveness of ACTH, calcium binding agents and glucorticoids in this context. Researchers have stated that they believe Sodium etidronate can be helpful in preventing the formation of ectopic bone after surgical procedures. Moreover researches are also conducted in order to establish a proper treatment method by the usage of the inferno alpha, endostatin, angiostatin and also on thalidomide (5). From the entire discussion above, one can reach a conclusion that FOP is a rare disorder which disables an individual to perform smooth movements and hampers quality life. No fruitful treatments have been established which can cure the diseases or stop its progression. Therefore it becomes extremely important to educate healthcare professionals, patients and their families about the significance of early diagnosis of the symptoms and opt for prevention of trauma to save oneself from acute distress and disability in movements. References: Shore EM, Kaplan FS. BMP Signaling in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, a Rare Genetic Disorder of Heterotopic Ossification. InBone Morphogenetic Proteins: Systems Biology Regulators 2017 (pp. 327-343). Springer International Publishing. Shulman, R., Ellis, J., Shore, E., Kaplan, F. S., Badell, M. (2015). Maternal Genetic Skeletal Disorders: Lessons Learned From Cases of Maternal Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.Journal of Clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics,4(1), 184-187. Hatsell, S. J., Idone, V., Wolken, D. M. A., Huang, L., Kim, H. J., Wang, L., ... Das, N. (2015). ACVR1R206H receptor mutation causes fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva by imparting responsiveness to activin A.Science translational medicine,7(303), 303ra137-303ra137. Morales-Piga A, Kaplan FS. Osteochondral diseases and fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. InRare diseases epidemiology 2010 (pp. 335-348). Springer Netherlands. Rashid U, Bari A, Maqsood A, Naz S, Ahmad TM. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan: JCPSP. 2016 Feb 1;26(2):154-5.

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